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you’ve seen stylish women wearing these amazing creations around town – now find out the stories behind these designers.

Toowoomba continues to punch far above its weight when it comes to our creative talent. So we thought we’d introduce you to some of the women makers – Alex of Deer & Fox, Lucy of The Funky Rooster, Bridget and Kylie of Poppy Lane Designs and Hayley of Polly & Peaches.


Poppy Lane Designs
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poppy lane designs


Poppy Lane Designs was born in early 2017 when Bridget Jarvis and her sister Kylie were finding joy in splashing colours on a canvas. Life has changed forever when Kylie, pregnant with her fourth child, lost her husband in a gyrocopter accident. The sisters used their creativity as a channel, and involved all six (!) of their kids in painting.

Their iconic clutches are made from big sheets of canvas, painted with the brightest colours they can find. They then sew them into PVC, each step of the process completely handmade. And of course, you’ll need a floofy keyring to go with it!

Read our Spotlight with Bridget here. Poppy Lane Designs is all online; find their store here.

The Funky Rooster
The Funky Rooster
The Funky Rooster

The Funky Rooster


Lucy Sheedy’s label The Funky Rooster is all about bold, colourful accessories that are really fun to wear. Predominantly made from polymer clay, the earrings are big and bold but don’t weigh you down – trust us, despite how dramatic they look, you won’t even know you’re wearing them!

Well known as a wedding and family photographer, Lucy started The Funky Rooster in 2018 after doing a polymer clay workshop in Brisbane. She fell in love with the process, and started getting some attention on social media for her earrings. She launched her Etsy shop by popular demand, and started making hair accessories soon after.

Read our Spotlight with Lucy here. The Funky Rooster is all online; find the store here.

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deer & Fox collective

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Illustrator Alex Stalling creates scrunchies and earrings from her original drawings. The scrunchies are made by printing onto high-quality fabrics, while the earrings are drawn individually (that’s right – no templates or cutters!) and made into these cute, light dangles.

You may recognise Alex from her other business, Tinker, where you can take a class to learn how to make your own wearable creations.

Read our Spotlight with Alex here. Deer & Fox is all online; find the store here.

Polly & Peaches
Polly & Peaches

Polly & Peaches

Polly & Peaches

Local nurse Hayley Bonomi started millinery in 2012, working her way through formal tuition and plenty of practice. As well as taking on custom pieces for race season and bridal wear, Hayley designs these stunning headbands, which you could totally rock everyday.

And is it just us, or was that Poppy Lane clutch made to go with that headpiece?!

Polly & Peaches is an online store; find it here.

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