Spotlight | Lucy Sheedy, The Funky Rooster

one of toowoomba’s most beloved creatives has branched out

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This week we visited Lucy Sheedy at her home studio in Preston.

Lucy was already very well loved in Toowoomba as a family and wedding photographer before she launched The Funky Rooster in 2018. Her polymer clay jewellery is brightening up the faces of the city’s most chic women, as well as a growing list of colour-lovers the country over.

Lucy showed us some behind-the-scenes of her studio, and let us in on her local favourites.

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Name: Lucy Sheedy
Occupation: photographer
Known For: stunning wedding photography and the coolest, brightest earrings in town
Born: Rockhampton
Local since: 2005

First things first: why Toowoomba?

I grew up in Dalby and then decided on moving to the big smoke (Toowoomba) to go to university where I studied teaching. I stuck at if for year but always had the feeling I wasn’t doing what I should be and this is where I took up the photoimaging course at TAFE.

The earrings came about in early 2018 after a friend and I went to a workshop in Brisbane and I fell in love with creating with clay.  

what is the funky rooster?

The Funky Rooster is all about bold, colourful accessories that are really fun to wear. Predominantly made from polymer clay, the earrings are big and bold but don’t weigh you down. You feel like you’re not even wearing them! 

I love coming up with different colour combos and patterns and my favourite part of the process is cutting the clay into shapes. This is where everything starts to come together and I love seeing the pattern broken down into different shapes. I like to take my inspiration from all elements in life. It could be a colour palette that comes about from a photograph I’ve taken or something as simple as shapes and pattern found in the kitchen.

What have you learned about running a business in Toowoomba?

I think the best and biggest asset that comes about from having a business in Toowoomba is the word of mouth chain.  That thing is incredible and something you might not experience in bigger places. I think there is also a lot of appreciation for handmade and unique pieces, which helps when you have crazy, colourful earrings on offer!

What does an average day look like for you?

I start my day working from home in my purpose-built studio and usually duck out at some stage to run errands, head to the post office and grab a coffee. As my main gig as a photographer keeps me fairly busy through the day, I find time for the earring-making in the afternoons/evenings. For me The Funky Rooster is really just a fun hobby that I am lucky enough to share with those interested in unique, handmade works of art. It’s also a great outlet for some extra creativity.

What does your ideal Toowoomba weekend look like?

Checking out the local markets and breaky out on Sunday morning at Urth or the newest cafe hot spot. Always a winning combo.

Only a Toowoomba local would know…

Always take a cardigan with you to night time events even in summer. The good old Toowoomba weather can sometimes sneak right up and suddenly it’s freezing!


PERK UP: a stroll through any of our awesome parks

RELAX: a picnic in Queens Park

EAT:  brunch at Urth Cafe

INDULGE: a mani-pedi at any of the local salons

SHOP: Bungalow and Basket

CATCH UP: RAW Energy - good vibes and good coffee!

BE INSPIRED:  A walk through the CBD. There’s always something interesting and new!


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