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a bright and bubbly designer creating bright and bubbly accessories

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From a terrible loss, bridget jarvis built beauty.

After a devastating death in the family, Bridget and her sister Kylie started to paint together as a way to cope. A few years later, Poppy Lane Designs is becoming a go-to source of bright, fun clutches, artwork and earrings. Once you know what you’re looking for, trust us, you’ll see a piece at every event you go to. Toowoomba ladies love them some colour!

We sat down with Bridget in her studio to learn about how Poppy Lane Designs came to life, and what she’s loving about her new mountain home.

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Name: bridget jarvis
KNOWN FOR: her bright, colourful and happy accessories
Occupation: poppy lane designs owner, painter and maker
Born: brisbane
Local since: 2018

First things first: why Toowoomba?

Although I was born and bread in Brisbane, meeting my now-husband saw me moving to Sydney for a few years. After two years of living in Sydney, we decided on a tree change to Toowoomba. We bought our first home here in 2013 and started a little wedding hire business called Marry Me Events.

Life changed forever when we lost my brother-in-law in a gyrocopter accident, leaving my sister Kylie pregnant with their fourth child. This saw Hubby and I (and our then 6 month old, Poppy), relocate to Charleville to help support my sister. Two years and another baby later, we are now settled back in Toowoomba enjoying all this city has to offer.

what is poppy lane designs?

Poppy Lane Designs was born in early 2017 when Kylie and I were finding so much joy in splashing colours on a canvas. We involve all six (!) kids in painting and have some serious fun in the process.

We paint big sheets of canvas with the brightest colours we can find, chop them up, and sew them into PVC clutches – all completely handmade! We also now hand make earrings and artwork for your walls.

What have you learned about running a business in Toowoomba?

Running a business anywhere is hard work – but so worth the hours, energy and sacrifice. My social life has taken a hit, but to be proud of what you create and passionately enjoy what you do everyday is so worth it!

Along with myself and Kylie painting, we now have three beautiful local ladies who help me sew the earrings and clutches. This has been a game changer for the Poppy Lane business, and means we are getting closer to keeping up with demand.

Toowoomba has so many inspiring local businesses owners and is so exciting watching them grow.

What does an average day look like for you?

A day will start with my three year old Poppy waking me up. Milla, our one year old, will shortly follow and so I’m dragging myself to the kettle to get that first coffee in ASAP! The only way to achieve any painting is to fully involve the girls, so cue: mess! Paint and glitter everywhere, everyday! I have been so fortunate to avoid day care so far, but it’s certainly fun trying to involve two toddlers!

Once the girls are asleep my night of work starts. Luckily for me I come alive at night and it’s when my best ideas come to life. Don’t try calling before 9am! I’m continuing to learn how to do the juggle of business/kids/home life, and I’m sure this is something I’ll never have completely down pat, but it’s a good goal.

What does your ideal Toowoomba weekend look like?

My husband Ben works away two weeks at a time, so weekends are not too different from normal days for us. I’m trying to stop myself from working on Sundays, so enjoy taking the girls to the markets after church.

Only a Toowoomba local would know…

I’m new, so fill me in!


PERK UP: church! Followed by Grand Central. I love the hustle of it and could spend way too long there.

EAT: sushi – anywhere and everywhere! It’s all my girls want to eat!

INDULGE: a massage when my hubby is home to have the kids.

SHOP: can’t get past Kmart can we? Adair’s in Grand Central is also a favourite.

CATCH UP: a friend’s house so the kids can play! I am so enjoying making some beautiful new friends in Toowoomba.

BE INSPIRED: spending time with friends who inspire – better then 100 magazines if you ask me!

See Bridget’s amazing work through Poppy Lane Designs here.


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