The Bar Toowoomba

Lift your standards with some seriously hands-on training


if you see weary people carrying weighted bags up mountains, they’ve probably come from The Bar.

This gym is famous for its accountability – you’ll receive a phone call to see how you’re going if you miss a few sessions, and the members-only Facebook group asks you to report on how you’re lifting your standards each week. It’s details like this that make The Bar different; if you find yourself signing up for a gym each January only to quit a few months later, this place might be your answer.

There are 28 group classes every week, all an hour long and designed to burn as much fat as possible.

The simple membership structure includes two tiers: Barbaric (group classes only) and VIPs (group classes, plus any time gym access and personal training sessions). All members receive monthly weigh-ins and body scans to stay on track with their fitness goals.

The Bar often runs challenges – mostly between 4-6 weeks long – which is the perfect way to test this style of training. They also offer a free trial, so what are you waiting for?

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Gym is open 24/7
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217 James Street
(across from the PCYC)

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