World Gym

Classes every day plus 24/7 access


While World Gym is part of an international chain with over 200 locations, it feels Thoroughly local.

Perhaps that’s because the gym is independently-owned by a Toowoomba couple, or because you see those little red access tags on everyone’s keychains in town! This huge facility has become a favourite for its variety of classes, quantity of equipment, and 24/7 access. Although World Gym is popular amongst serious body builders and competitors, you’ll see all shapes and sizes here, working at their own pace.

The training style at World Gym is as hands-on or hands-off as you want – sign up with a personal trainer, attend a class, or just do your thing.

There’s multiple classes to choose from every day of the week, from LesMills to yoga to boxing. The mini retail store out the front has everything you need in terms of protein, supplements and even frozen meals. And, to make sure there’s really no excuse, the gym offers a safe, fun environment for your children while you train.

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Members have 24/7 access

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59 Brooke Street

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