Spotlight | Madeline Turner, Personal Trainer

Helping women find their exercise mojo again

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madeline turner is all about making fitness accessible for busy women.

We know it, she knows it, you know it -- sometimes you just lose your mojo. But working with Maddie as a personal trainer is one sure way to find it again, whether you’re looking to increase your strength, improve your lifestyle, or help your body recover after a baby.

We met up with Madeline for an impromptu gym session at World Gym to learn about her daily routine, why she loves Toowoomba, and her ultimate weekend plans.


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Name: Madeline Turner
Occupation: personal trainer
Known For: being a trainer for the ladies (and a mum of four boys!)
Born: toowoomba
Local since: forever!

First things first: why Toowoomba?

I’ve always lived here. We decided to stay and raise our four boys here because the focus in this city is on family life. There are many beautiful parks, bush walks and schools to choose from. Our family and friends are too good to leave!

tell us a bit about your business…

I am a personal trainer, specialising in women’s health. I do pre- and post-natal training and pelvic floor strengthening. Through exercise, I help to alleviate postnatal depression by getting endorphins flowing and making the body strong and fit.

I run most of my business through World Gym. This is handy through all weather, plus the equipment is of a very high standard and the environment is welcoming. I’m also a group fitness instructor and run Bootcamp and BodyBalance classes at World Gym. I also run a Mums & Bubs bootcamp at Glenvale Park during school term. This is great for mums who don’t necessarily want to join a gym. These are fun, quick sessions designed for sculpting the triceps, abs, butt and thighs.

In addition to personal training, I’m a health coach. The consults are a combination of accountability and tweaking habits to help with sleep, weight loss, stress etc. We make kombucha, try classes and create a healthy long lasting lifestyle.

What have you learned about running a business in Toowoomba? What are the unique opportunities, benefits and challenges?

Through running a business I’ve learnt to balance my personal interests, family life and work. This took at least three years to figure out!

The benefits of working in Toowoomba were that my contact base started forming when I was a child and as a small town, word of mouth spreads quickly. Being a family focused city there are many mums looking for affordable and enjoyable ways of losing weight. I personally love the fact that I can be there for my kids’ special events and on school holidays.

The variety of business opportunities are huge between teaching classes at gyms and schools and running bootcamps in the park. Also giving talks to mother’s groups on pelvic floor, PND, exercising and weight loss tips.

The number one challenge I face is the winter cold and wind, making training outdoors tricky for both mum and baby. I run bootcamps during summer’s beautiful early mornings, but when winter hits we stop as no one is keen to put hands on the icy grass. However, World Gym is comfortable year round!

What does an average day look like for you?

Wake at 4am, have a coffee and check over the days sessions, clients and to do list. 

Train clients from 5am til 7:30am. Take kids to school, run Mums & Bubs bootcamp, back to World Gym for a few more clients, then train myself. Come home for lunch and some office and house work, collect the kids from school.

Train clients in the evening then home to relax and early to bed.

What does your ideal Toowoomba weekend look like?

A Saturday early morning coffee with a friend, then park run together. Then take the boys to AFL – I love watching them running around and enjoying life! We would then have a bonfire night in the backyard with friends. A fave is slow cooked pulled pork, salad and red wine under the fairy lights.

Sunday would be a slow, lazy morning. Then from lunchtime, work on our house renovations with my husband. We enjoy dreaming, designing and creating together.

Only a Toowoomba local would know… 

Prince Henry Heights is the most peaceful place to exercise – plus has beautiful views! Perfect for pram walkers, cyclists and runners.


PERK UP: Climb Tabletop

RELAX: In our backyard, relaxing with my husband on the daybed while our boys play.

EAT: Rosalie House Cellar Door

INDULGE: Food & Wine Festival during the Carnival of Flowers.

SHOP: Kmart at Grand Central – quick parking and everything in one place – I like to spend as little time at the shops as possible.

CATCH UP: Park House Cafe. They open at 6am so time to get a good chat in before the day starts.

BE INSPIRED: Long walks in the sunshine listening to motivational podcasts.


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