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Quick! Get married/remarried or turn 21 – or something!

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We’re back with another spotlight interview!

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This week, let us introduce you to Eddie Stuart who makes seriously incredible cakes through her new business, Pepperberry Cakes. Her creations are enough to make you want to get married, or turn 21 or do something to justify such a stunning design. And yes, they taste just as delicious as they look.

We sat down with (well, interrupted) Eddie to talk about why she came back to Toowoomba, the benefits and challenges of business here, and her favourite places to eat, shop and indulge.

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Name: Edmunda (Eddie) Stuart
Occupation: cake designer
Known For: stunning, showstopping cakes at Pepperberry Cakes
Born: Auckland, New Zealand
Local (again) since: 2015 (but did her schooling here)

first things first: why toowoomba?

My dad was born in Toowoomba but lived most of his adult life in Sydney. He was feeling nostalgic and wanted us to experience the lifestyle he had growing up, so we moved from Tonga to Toowoomba when I was eight years old.

Back then I think most of us felt like leaving Toowoomba straight after high school to experience what the world has to offer and so I studied at UQ in Brisbane and travelled. I have beautiful childhood memories growing up in Toowoomba and after having children I started to feel nostalgic myself. Toowoomba has developed so much in the last decade and it’s exciting to see people moving back and bringing with them new creative businesses.

What is Pepperberry Cakes?

Pepperberry Cakes is a Toowoomba based (soon-to-be-online) cake studio that offers designer cakes for weddings, birthdays, baby showers and special occasions. I started Pepperberry Cakes out of a love for art, celebration, creativity and delicious food. I run the business part-time at this stage by myself – I do everything from the admin to the baking to the designing to the hand delivery!

The Pepperberry Cakes vision is simple: to spread joy, love and celebration with every bite. Some people might think it’s just butter, sugar and flour, but my vision has always been to transform beautiful ingredients into a real wow moment for every client and occasion. I want everyone to feel special and loved.

What are the benefits, opportunities and challenges about running a business in Toowoomba?

Being a newly established business in Toowoomba, I have learned that building great relationships within the local community is so important. I love how Pepperberry Cakes is growing organically through word of mouth.

Beautifully crafted custom cakes and desserts have always been something that I have searched out in the bigger cities and found difficult to find in Toowoomba. A lot of people feel this way too, so there was a big opportunity here. I can offer something special, fresh and unique.

I like to experiment with designs and ingredients, and although I try and source as many products as I can locally, one of the challenges I find is there are still many products that I need to to order in from Brisbane or interstate.

What does an average day look like for you?

An average day would begin with replying to emails and messages, finalising designs and then straight into baking. I may test out a new recipe or bake for the weekend ahead. I spend some time drawing out the design of every cake and then making sure I have all the elements organised to bring it together later. I visit flower markets and local cake supply stores to stock up on items. I love to fill and ice cakes at night when it is cool and quiet, letting cakes chill overnight and then finishing up designs in the morning light.

What does your ideal Toowoomba weekend look like?

An early morning walk, breakfast out with the family at a favourite cafe, lazy picnic at the park, relaxing at home, and having friends over for dinner.

Only a Toowoomba local would know…

It’s not a country town but the second largest inland city in Australia.


PERK UP: The Florence

RELAX: the movies!

EAT: Emeraude Hampton, Sofra, Piccolo Papa, Ortem, Gips

INDULGE: Profile Hair Design

SHOP: Magnolia, The Bungalow and Basket, Florence & Marabel, Ivy Designer Collections

CATCH UP: Ground Up Espresso, The Baker’s Duck, Milk & Honey, The Finch, Burrow

BE INSPIRED: all the amazing street art in Toowoomba, Gabbinbar Homestead and Preston Peak Winery.

You can find Eddie’s stunning work on Facebook or Instagram (and we’ll update as soon as her online store goes live!).


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