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We’re back with another spotlight interview!

This week, let us introduce you to Candy Browne, the powerhouse behind the Candy Browne Fitness studio. This lady has had a waiting list for years in an industry you’ll either 1) know is incredibly competitive, or 2) be surprised exists at all! Candy is sought after by everyone from school children to septuagenarians for her training in strength, flexibility and fitness. She’d be intimidating if she wasn’t so darn lovely.

We squeezed into Candy’s very busy schedule to ask about her favourite coffee, how she spends her down time and why she loves doing business in Toowoomba.


Name: Candy Browne
Occupation: personal trainer
Known For: sweat sessions you’ll feel for dayssss
Born: Biloela, Queensland
Local Since: she was two years old

first things first: Have you always lived in Toowoomba?

Yes! I love being close to my family and I have built a great network of like-minded friends and amazing clientele here. 

what do you do at candy browne fitness?

I am a health and fitness coach. I can cater for high intensity, strength, split training, low intensity, rehabilitation, reformer Pilates (both clinical and active) – and therefore train school children right up to 74 year-olds with a range of different goals and levels. I give 100% to each individual regardless of ability or training style as I am passionate in all areas of health and fitness.

What have you learned about running a business in Toowoomba? 

My business has grown and maintained full capacity for years now – all by word of mouth, which I think is attributed to our close knit community. I’ve learnt that if I continue to invest in my clients and into my business it continues to blossom. Like I said , I treat each client’s needs with passion and importance. I have been so blessed I haven’t really had any challenges with my business. I just love doing what I do.

What does an average day look like for you?


My days are fully booked with amazing clients taking part in bootcamps, reformer pilates sessions, personal training and group sessions with lots of fun, sweat and laughs along the way.

What does your ideal Toowoomba weekend look like?

Training and ‘playing with our training’ with my husband. We love having fun with new and challenging exercises. Every Saturday night is date night with dinner and a movie. Sunday is for sleep-ins whilst my wonderful husband gets my favourite coffee from Pump and then slips back into bed whilst we drink it together. We then head off for a yoga class followed by a breakfast date 😍

Only a Toowoomba local would know… 

The Russell Street Pump drive-through is crazy at 8am, although the coffee is worth the wait. Everyone else in Toowoomba will be there!


PERK UP: training in my Gym

RELAX: Profile Hair Design – not only do you walk out with beautiful hair but the experience is seriously relaxing!

EAT: Gips or Piccolo Papa

INDULGE: Moon Macadamias from Source Bulk Foods!

SHOP: Intersport for new equipment and ASN to stock up on my favourite supplements

CATCH UP: GPO or Emeraude Hampton

BE INSPIRED: yoga or pilates followed by breakfast dates with my husband and walks with our pooches!

You can learn more or join Candy’s waitlist here. Excuse us while we go for a run…


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