Keep Warm with these Wintery Cookbooks

stay toasty with all the comfort winter recipes have to offer

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winter means many things, but it mostly means comfort food.

Well, it does for us anyway. And so, to celebrate all things wintery – buttery leeks, melt-in-your-mouth lamb, warm custard – we stopped by The Book Tree to find some inspiration for the kitchen. This is weekend browsing at its finest. Bon appetit!


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Plants Taste Better by Richard Buckley

Look, we’re not 100% in agreement with the title – do plants really taste better than chocolate? – but this cookbook is about making veggies shine, which we could all probably benefit from. The sophisticated look at cooking techniques is absolutely stunning to look at, yet extremely accessible. The recipes are designed for home cooking, but adapted from an award-winning restaurant in the UK. Not just for vegetarians, this is a cookbook for anyone looking to incorporate more greens into their dinner plans.

Crusts: The Ultimate Baker's Book By Barbara Elisi Caracciolo

From bread loaves to croissants, pizzas to pies, this cookbook includes more than 300 recipes from expert and artisan bakers. Accommodating gluten intolerances, paleo diets and vegan lifestyles, the book offers how-to sections on making your own dough, bread, and pizzas with easy-to-follow instructions. History nerds will also love the details about their favourite loaves and pastries. The ultimate resource for bakers. Why not take up a new hobby this winter?


good without gluten by Frederique Jules, Jennifer Lepoutre and Mitsuru Yanase

No Glu is a restaurant and store in Paris that specialises in – you guessed it – gluten-free pastries. Offering 65 delicious and nutritious recipes that are guaranteed gluten-free (and often lactose-free), this cookbook covers everything from breakfast to nibbles to mains to bread. Whether you want crepes, cheesecake, burgers or quiche, there’s something for everyone.

The Backyard Fire Cookbook by Linda Ly

Master the flames with this outdoorsy cookbook. Start with ember roasting, wood-fires and charcoal grilling, then graduate to grilling a la plancha and plank grilling. This is not a book with three-day slow cooking recipes; it’s easy and fun, with an emphasis on weeknight dinners and standard barbecue substitutes. Anyone with a fire pit, pay attention.

One Pan Roasts by Molly Shuster

Simplify healthy family dinners with 80 recipes that require a single baking tray. But don’t let the lack of washing up fool you – these are delicious, flavoursome, grown-up dishes to please everyone. Let your oven do the hard work for you as you unwind from a long day. We strongly suggest the cherry clafoutis as a Mondayitis antidote.

SLOW COOKER by The Australian Women's Weekly

Covering everything from curries to sweet treats, this recipe will ensure you put that expensive Christmas present to use. As well as quick recipes for weeknights and showy-off recipes for weekends, you’ll learn tips for using and freezing leftovers, which is basically as streamlined as meal prep can get.

All these cookbooks are available at The Book Tree, who lent us their books for this shoot. This article does not contain advertising; what we didn’t borrow, we bought.


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