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we’re back with another spotlight interview!

This week we met Brandi Love of The Hectic Eclectic, a local mother of three who has amassed over 100K Instagram followers. With her signature style of boho maximalism (think: colour, and lots of it), Brandi has built a lifestyle business from her couch (with a lot of hard work!). What started as an Instagram account to share bright, fun home ideas has blossomed into a blog full of DIY projects and brand collaborations.

We asked Brandi about running an online business, where she gets a chocolate fix, and her ideal weekend activities.

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Name: brandi love
Occupation: creating beautiful, bright content for the hectic eclectic
Known For: a blog that her 100K+ fans love!
Born: gladstone
Local Since: 1996

what brought you to toowoomba?

I was born in Gladstone and we moved to Brisbane when I was three. From Brisbane we came to Toowoomba on a whim.

I was five at that time and had just started prep. We didn't have any family here so it was all new to us. We started out in Wilsonton and eventually moved to East Toowoomba close to the CBD and Queens Park so I became quite familiar with the area.

what is the hectic eclectic?

I grew my Instagram account just by sharing pictures of my home to inspire people. Once I had reached 50k, I decided to start using my Instagram platform as a business opportunity. I create content for small (and big) businesses by photographing products in my home and posting to my Instagram account and other social media. I've reached 100K followers and have worked with many different businesses and have started a blog of my own. My style is very different and unique so I appeal to those kinds of businesses and artists who have a bold aesthetic. I show people how you can style differently and with things that you love and not end up with a cookie cutter home.

What have you learned about running a business in Toowoomba?

Luckily I can run my business from any location, but for me personally I've been given the opportunity now to run Instagram workshops and teach other small businesses in and around Toowoomba how to grow their Instagram for themselves at Canvas Co-working.

What does an average day look like for you?

So I'll get up bright and early and drop the kids off to school and head to the gym for a 9.30 session. After my workout, I'll come home and have some lunch and then start my work – rearranging for photos and responding to emails and messages. You'd be surprised at how quickly the day goes by! At 3pm I'll pick the kids up from school and the afternoon is usually spent cooking, cleaning and doing homework and then I'll try and get the kids to spend the afternoon outside riding bikes, scooters or just playing in the garden. We usually come inside when the mozzies start biting.

What does your ideal Toowoomba weekend look like?

I love to check out local events and visit the markets. If the weather is nice, we'll head to the pool or visit family and friends. Or, you'll find us at home doing crafts and gardening.

Only a Toowoomba local would know…

The pink house with the three half-buried cars in the back yard.


PERK UP: Muller Brothers roof top bar.

RELAX: The Japanese Gardens at the USQ is a beautiful place to take the kids and have a wander and relax.

EAT: Guzman Y Gomez. Have you tried the Nacho Beef Fries?!

INDULGE: I used to love heading to Max Brenner's for an Italian hot chocolate, so I’m excited they’re opening again! The chocolate croissants at The Baker's Duck are equally indulgent.

SHOP: I love visiting the op shops when I get the chance, otherwise you'll probably find me at Bunnings or surfing Instagram for local small businesses to support.

CATCH UP: Rozzi’s at Grand Central and then a wander around the shops.

BE INSPIRED: The street art and murals scattered throughout town are amazing!


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