Novelty Drinks, Sunday Sessions & Other Things We're Loving Right Now

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we love a lot of things here at The Field Guide.

Wine. Chocolate. Homewares. And while we work hard to feature a whole variety of local goings on, sometimes things don’t quite fit our other categories. So here’s everything we’ve been loving recently that would otherwise slip through the cracks — featuring a whole variety of amazing local businesses. Make sure you check them out!

novelty drinks

Sweet Talk Coffee offers a weekly novelty hot drink, and we are down for it.

Recent examples include The Bounty (a vegan choc-coconut hot chocolate topped with whipped coconut cream and choc flakes), a salted caramel coffee topped with caramel popcorn, and a pumpkin spiced latte. { image via Sweet Talk }

face pots at magnolia

Bring a little sassiness to your living room with these quirky plant pots from Magnolia. Black thumbs should fill theirs with succulents (or pencils…), but they’re also gorgeous with flowers.

The best part is that this sculptural beauty looks fab by herself too, so you can always have her on display. { image via Magnolia }

sunday sessions at rosalie house

Your Instagram isn’t lying — everyone you’ve ever met is spending their Sunday afternoons with a glass of wine and some live music at Rosalie House.

Just 20 minutes out of town, Rosalie House’s cellar door is open until dusk. See you there.

sunday lane available at Ivy

When Anna, Ivy Designer Collections’ owner, was given a beautiful Sunday Lane piece for her 30th, she felt the need to stock the brand in her store. Lucky for us!

These beautiful star sign prints are now available in-store, with selected other SL pieces. { image via Ivy Designer Collections }

spending the weekend in a cabin

This region does winter well. To make the most of it, we rounded up some cabins that are perfect for snuggling in on a cold winter weekend away.

We’ve limited the selections to places less than two hours away, and cabins without fireplaces need not apply.

beautiful, simple home furnishings

Cathy Penton’s work is beautiful all year round, but these embroidered cushion covers feel so seasonal at the moment. Maybe because the cold leads to extra homebody feels?

Anyway, Cathy does custom embroidery so you can have something special made just for your home. What would yours say? We think The Field Guide needs one saying “A rising tide lifts all boats”.