Give Yourself a Spring Clean

we can all do with a bit of self-love after winter

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We've basically been in hibernation mode all winter.

And our skin, hair, nails and general attitude to life show it. So now it's time to slough off the winter layers and get back to being yourself – with just a little help from your friends.

Sudore and Co Toowoomba

An infrared sauna session with Sudore & Co

Start by taking yourself to Sudore and sweating out all those 'I haven't eaten anything fresh for three months' toxins. Infrared technology makes this sauna seven times more effective than its traditional counterpart, so even half an hour ($30) will make all the difference. You'll feel lighter, sleep better and see an improvement in your skin in just one session.


A resurfacing treatment at The Bradford Clinic

This quick laser treatment targets ageing and damaged skin by kick-starting your own skin renewal process. While there's a little downtime as your skin heals itself, the treatment is painless – you'll only feel a bit of extra heat. And you'll be rewarded with a naturally brighter, more even complexion. Worth it.

Book it in for next spring while you're there.


Laser hair removal at Skin Sensations

Stop avoiding all those skirts and dresses, and get rid of that hair once and for all. Less painful than waxing, and only slightly more painful than shaving, laser hair removal is a great option for those looking for a long-term solution.

Look out for the specials that come along each spring – it's worth waiting for them if you're wanting a few areas done at once.

The Mixx Toowoomba

A springlike mani-pedi from Beauty Boutique on Bridge

While you can simply have your nails painted, it's worth splashing out a little bit extra for the Boutique Manicure ($57) and Pedicure ($74), which includes a massage, foot soak, heal buffing, exfoliation and hydration – as well as the nail varnish. You'll feel like a whole new person, long after the colour chips.


A fresh, natural colour from The Mixx

It's the perfect time for a new head of hair – well, a colour and cut anyway. The Mixx uses organic, sustainable products to ensure you avoid all the nasties in regular colours and products. It's the perfect way to round off your self-spring clean.


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