What Type of Massage Do You Need?

Because obviously you need one.

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does anyone else feel like they seriously need a massage?

Obviously, a good massage has many health benefits, which we won’t even go into because we know you are already sold on the idea. But with so many options to choose from, booking a massage often just adds more stress.

So while we know there are other types we haven’t listed, we’ve kept to the main ones that are easy to find in Toowoomba. There are over 200 massage techniques and types, and you probably just don’t need that amount of information.

Regardless of the type of massage you opt for, be sure to tell your therapist what areas you want them to work on, whether you have any health issues, and, during the massage, how the pressure feels. And before you leave, make another appointment. Your future self will be so happy with you.



Swedish Massage

This is basically just a normal massage – it’s the most common type of massage therapy, using muscle kneading and friction, as well as long, sweeping strokes. Also known as a ‘relaxation massage'.

Best For: stress relief, relaxation, gifting to The Field Guide team
Try: Plush Skin, Body & Beauty; Pure Indulgence; Inaar Skin & Body; Massage Philosophy; Raw Beauty

Hot Stone Massage

During a hot stone massage, your body is weighted with hot, smooth stones that apply slight pressure to unlock tension. It is most often used to treat repetitive soreness, which is often self-sustaining – for example, a tension headache makes you clench the affected muscles even harder, which in turn creates more pain.

Best for: releasing very tense muscles, relaxation
Try: Inaar Skin & Body; Plush Skin, Body & Beauty; Naturally Balanced Therapies; Massage Philosophy; Raw Beauty

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage applies deep pressure on specific trouble points, which feels very much like a torture exercise.

It’s invasive and painful, using knuckles and elbows to ‘strip down’ muscle tissue as far as possible. But if you’re an athlete or treating a specific injury, it might be your best bet. Good luck.

Best for: treating painful trouble spots, torture, pranks
Try: Core Benefits

remedial massage

A remedial massage is somewhere between a deep tissue massage and a Swedish massage – it is used as a treatment, but it’s not eye-wateringly painful. If you have a particular pain, such as sore back or shoulders, this is a good place to start.

Best for: pain relief, without all the extra pain
Try: Nami Remedial Massage Clinic; Naturally Balanced Therapies; Massage Philosophy; Core Benefits; Raw Beauty

Thai Massage

Thai massage works your entire body. Your therapist will often move your body into different positions, and will use their entire body – hands, knees, feet – to apply pressure to your muscles and loosen your joints. It’s a kind of crazy experience, but you’ll be surprised how good you feel after someone walks on your back.

Best for: overall health and well-being
Try: Thai House Massage & Spa

Pregnancy massage

Pre-natal massage therapy promotes relaxation, soothes nerves, and relieves strained back and leg muscles. You will often lie on a specially-designed table that supports your growing belly without putting pressure on it.

Best for: expectant mothers
Try: Nami Remedial Massage Clinic; Bellies & Bubs; Naturally Balanced Therapies; Healing Hands; Raw Beauty

Lymphatic drainage

Manual lymph drainage is a form of very light massage that encourages your lymph flow. It’s very good for detoxification, especially post-surgery or post-weekend. It’s often used to treat cellulite, scar tissue, spider veins, redness and acne. When you just feel kind of sluggish, lymph drainage could help.

Best for: detoxification
Try: Nami Remedial Massage Clinic; Inaar Skin & Body; Naturally Balanced Therapies; Raw Beauty

dry needling/Acupuncture

Dry needling – also known as ‘clinical’ or ‘Western acupuncture’ – is an invasive method of therapy where acupuncture needles are applied through the skin and into the tissue below. Dry needling specifically targets and restores muscle function, with an emphasis on improving tissue healing and restoring normal tissue function. We also know women who treat acne with acupuncture and swear by it.

It’s not technically a massage therapy, but many therapists use it in conjunction with massage so it’s on our list.

Best for: specifically targeted areas, general wellbeing
Massage Philosophy; Core Benefits; Healing Hands


For insane people who can stand people touching their feet, reflexology offers another option. The principle of this traditional therapy is that our feet represent the entire body, and that the layout of the reflex points of the feet are similar in arrangement to the corresponding areas of the body. It feels like a foot massage but acts as a detoxification.

Best for: detoxification, specific area treatment
Inaar Skin & Body; Naturally Balanced Therapies; Massage Philosophy; Core Benefits

Sports Massage

Sports massage is designed specifically for the very physically active, and combines techniques to concentrate on the areas that are related to your sport. It generally hurts, but if you do burpees every day, you know what pain feels like already.

Best for: athletes
Try: Core Benefits; Healing Hands

NB: as much as The Field Guide team would have loved to ‘test’ each of these clinics ourselves, we have not. Please use your own medical judgment when seeking out a massage. Also, let us know if we missed your favourite masseuse, and we’ll add them to the list!


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