This Weekend, Why Don't You... Hike + Drink Beer?

when's the last time you went for a walk for no particular reason? This weekend.

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Let us paint you a picture.

You've just been hiking for like hours (well, two). Your lungs are full of fresh air, your runners are full of those black spiky things that stick to socks and your mouth is full of icy cold beer.

We all know that Toowoomba is a city of immense natural beauty, but many of us aren't so good at actually seeing it. In the end, this hike isn't about exercise. It's about getting outdoors for once. (So the beer isn't really 'cheating'.)

This weekend, why don't you plan to do one of the Picnic Point walks followed by a beer or two at Picnic Point Restaurant (or your favourite local)? The best part about this plan is you could do it in the morning for lunch beers, or in the afternoon for sundowners. Take some friends or go alone. It's foolproof.

Full disclaimer: Table Top is harder than it looks. (Well, for some people. Apparently not for that guy who runs up it every day.) It's not necessarily the right hike for a spontaneous outing. You're off the hook.

Toowoomba Hike Bushwalks

Here are some hikes you might want to consider:

Firetail Walk

This walk starts at Lions Park (where you used to go to kids' birthday parties) and menders down through the escarpment, taking in views across the Lockyer Valley and Table Top Mountain (which is nice to see it from afar). You might see echidnas (!), legless lizards (?) and small birds. This walk finishes at the Bridle Trail, so you can continue along or turn back. Just note that the walk back is entirely uphill.

Distance: 2120m one way
Walking time: 45 minutes one way


Pardalote Walk

The Pardalote Walk also starts at Lions Park, but passes by the Bill Goulds Lookout, as well as some waterfalls. It's probably more foresty than Firetail, but it offers spectacular views of the Lockyer Valley and Table Top. The trail can also be accessed from Picnic Point Park or the Tobruk Drive Park. You'll finish at the end of South Street.

Distance: 1850m one way
Walking time: 30 minutes one way


Fantail Walk

Fantail (named strangely similar to Firetail) has a partial bitumen surface plus some stairs. If you have an interest in birds (of the feathered variety), this is the one for you. This walk connects the Bridle Trail and the Pardalote Walk and again, the way back is uphill.

Distance: 900m one way
Walking time: 30 minutes one way


Picnic Point Circuit

We're not going to tell you what to do, but you should probably do this one. This walk combines all the other walks to provide a loop. It's kind of steep in some places (you've driven down the range before – you know what we're talking about), but it's the real deal and you have the time. And there's beer at the end.

Distance: 6430m loop
Walking time: About 2 hours


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