Puppy-Friendly Places to Meet Your Friends

and when we say ‘friends’, we mean your friends’ dogs…

Toowoomba Dog Friendly Cafe Bar

Maybe your puppy is brand new, or maybe you’re just a massive sook. But we get it; why would you not want to be with your dog all weekend?

Luckily, there’s a whole bunch of cafés and bars that are more than happy for you to bring your best friend along. Just follow basic etiquette: keep your dog on a leash, and be mindful of all the paying humans who are around as well. Also be sure to take along some water (Petstock sells these collapsible bowls that are perfect), and make sure your pup is fed and toileted before you go.




There are a two tables on the footpath outside Burrow that are perfect for a morning coffee in the sun, as well as some seats out the back with comfy grass. But know that these seats are hotly contested on the weekend! You might need to settle for a takeaway latte and a stroll through the (very pretty) neighbourhood. If you do nab a table, Burrow always makes sure they have clean water for pups – and will soon be offering doggy treats. Being East Toowoomba, expect more mini dachshunds than you can shake a stick at.

TL;DR: two footpath tables where puppies are welcome, as well as a grassed area out the back

Read more about Burrow.

Bar Wunder

This new inner-city beer garden is more than dog-friendly: they practically beg you to bring your pups! Join friends for some beer, bratwursts and overly-competitive Scrabble tournaments while your dogs get positively spoilt. Seriously, there are leash attachments scattered everywhere with water bowls and treats. You’re welcome to tag along…

TL;DR: your pup won’t want to go home. This place is a puppy paradise!

4 Brothers Brewing

The big, communal tables out the front of 4 Brothers are definitely stable enough for a leash! Enjoy a beer with friends as the sun goes down. Just be sure to bring a water bowl – there’s plenty of sun in the afternoon (which is fine if you’re well hydrated with water/beer!).

TL;DR: big communal tables out the front to soak up the sunshine

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Milk & Honey Espresso Bar

There is plenty of seating outside of Milk & Honey, including lots of shady spots for pups to lounge in while you eat your weight in crumpets (hypothetically…). There’s quite a lot of foot traffic through the al fresco area, as it leads to the entrance, so make sure your pup is comfortably out of the way to avoid being stepped on!

TL;DR: plenty of outdoor seating with shady umbrellas

Read more about Milk & Honey.

The Park House Café

The Park House has a row of outdoor tables on the Margaret Street footpath, which usually includes a whole showcase of local puppies enjoying their Saturday mornings. Cross the road to Queens Park, which has an off-leash area, to walk off your big breakfast.

TL;DR: follow breakfast with a stroll around Queens Park

Did we miss your favourite? Please let us know!


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