Toowoomba Flower Market

the florist where florists shop


Almost all of Toowoomba’s florists source their stems wholesale through the Toowoomba Flower Market.

Luckily, Toowoomba locals have a sneak peek at this service through the shop’s retail offering. With the market’s system, you can order a bouquet online, buy one on-site at a huge variety of price points or shop for individual stems to create your own.

All of the staff are qualified florists, ensuring you can get advice and guidance as you go.

The Toowoomba Flower Market buys directly from growers locally and nationally, with some global imports coming through out of season. Why not channel your inner florist this weekend and stop by the market for some inspiration?

opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 8.00am–4.00pm
Sat: 7.00am–12.00pm

Contact Details

11 Tointon Street, City
(corner of Goggs Street)

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