Wish List #2 | Aaron, Harold's Finishing Touches

We asked some of the most stylish people in town what they’re gifting this Christmas

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What are the most stylish people in town gifting for Christmas?

We’re asking some fabulous locals each week to round up what’s on their radar this Christmas season, starting with Vanessa from Profile Hair Design. Keep an eye out for the whole series, as we’ll be going right up to the 24th, because we know you…

Aaron Bourne, the fabulously stylish owner of Harold’s Finishing Touches, is an obvious person to ask for gift suggestions. As well as his own stunning range of products, Aaron has picked out some other local gifts he’d love to give – or receive.

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Harold's Bamboo Cutlery Set
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a COFFEE TABLE BOOK according to their interest

One of my most favourite thing to give and receive is a beautiful coffee table book. Put some thought into what the recipient loves – is it gardening, decorating or interior design, flowers, photography? – for a thoughtful gift. Also, granting someone the time to read is one of the greatest gifts!

a stunning PLANT from a local nursery

Right now I have a real obsession with gardening, so for me a fabulous gift would be plant from a nursery, like Coroneos.

A stunning topiary boxwood, a potted hydrangea or a fiddle leaf fig would be a wonderful gift to spoil someone with. You could go the extra mile and pot them up in a beautiful aged pot so the person can enjoy it straight away rather than having to find a pot themselves! 

BAMBOO CUTLERY SET from harold’s

We literally spent years searching for this beautiful bamboo handled cutlery set! It makes a stunning gift for someone who loves entertaining. With all the social occasions of the season now is a perfect time to give, or receive one! It’s always lovely too as you remember the person you received it from every time you use it.

MASSAGE VOUCHER from the muse

I think one of the greatest gifts you can give someone is the gift of time. A massage voucher says to someone, “You deserve a treat and an hour to yourself”. Shannon at The Muse does the most amazing massages so a voucher here would be perfect!

a CANDLE from harold’s

It may sound cliché, but a candle really makes a beautiful gift. So many of us don't really need anything, and always say "please just bring yourself". Arriving with a beautiful candle is always a lovely gesture. Harold’s has over 30 different beautiful scented candles, so there is surely something for everyone.


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