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feel the health benefits of an infrared sauna


This beautiful sauna with its Canadian cedar and its baby-soft towels is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

With VOC-free paint, no EMF and no glue, every detail has been considered to ensure a visit to Sudore & Co is all about your health. Owner Simone McDouall is a health educator with a passion for low-tox living complemented by world-leading technology.

The state-of-the-art system will help cleanse your body of 7 x more nasties than a traditional sauna! Infrared heat relieves muscle tension by helping blood vessels dilate, bringing pain relief and healing. It also increases blood circulation, which helps to carry off metabolic waste and deliver oxygen-rich blood where it may be missing. So basically, it's good for your immune system, sleep and pain relief. You'll notice everything from clearer skin to more energy.

Basically, infrared saunas are one of those trendy things that is actually right.

Choose from a 30- or 50-minute session, and start looking after yourself today. #selflove

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