a hidden, authentic korean-japanese restaurant


Kajoku is a combination of ‘kajok’ (Korean) and ‘kazoku’ (Japanese), both of which mean ‘family’.

The reference is to the shared, family-style dishes on offer at this loft restaurant in the CBD. Known for their BBQ, which you cook at your table, and their Korean fried chicken, this venue was Queensland’s first to be certified as a Japanese Food & Ingredient Supporter by the Japanese Government.

Kajoku has the largest range of Japanese whisky in Queensland, and the largest range of Japanese craft gin in the world (outside of Japan)!

All of Kajoku’s staff are Korean or Japanese, adding to their authority. There is both a traditional room with Korean-style floor seating, as well as a main dining room.

Look out for the weekday lunch specials, which are ever-evolving and always delicious. (And we’d be remiss to neglect mentioning the private karaoke rooms for hire. Do what you will with that information…)

opening Hours

Tues-Sat: 12.00pm — 11.00pm

Contact Details

430 Ruthven Street
(near Bar Wunder)