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Whether or not you follow a vegan diet, you probably know someone who does.

For a whole host of reasons, people are making the switch and looking for cafés and restaurants who will accommodate them. Toowoomba has more and more menus that are either completely vegan or vegan-friendly (as in, they offer more than one measly garden salad). This makes it easier to find a restaurant that suits everyone and keep everyone happy. Yay!

We've rounded up some of our favourite local menus, including a couple that may surprise you.

Little Seed Toowoomba Vegan

bar wunder

This very cool dog-friendly bar is the proud provider of Artisa Plant-Based Cheeses. The cashew-based offerings come in a variety of flavours, which means you can have a completely vegan-friendly cheese platter with your glass of wine.

Recommendation: a cheese platter and glass of wine on a hot day – surrounded by dogs
Where: 424 Ruthven Street (near the big four intersection)

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el attar middle eastern grill

While this Egyptian restaurant serves meat, there are plenty of vegan options on the menu. There's the banquet, which is basically the ultimate Middle Eastern feast, with moussaka, kebab wraps, shared mezze plates, and of course, salads. 

Recommendation: Koshari (traditional Egyptian street food of rice, pasta and lentils)
Where: Cnr Neil and Bell Streets (near the new bus station)

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Homegrown Health

While the emphasis here is more on organic than strictly vegan, there is something on the menu for everyone. Make a morning of it, and stroll along Railway Street to the antique shops or join the free group bike ride that leaves next door.

Recommendation: the vegan burger with beetroot relish and a side of sweet potato chips – or there's a whole vegan menu to choose from!
Where: Railway Street


Full of Life Organics

Another completely vegan option, Full of Life Organics has a location in Grand Central as well as the Walton Stores – proof in the vegan pudding that there is enough demand for plant-based cafés in Toowoomba.

Recommendation: choose from the ever-changing display cabinets of goodies
Where: Walton Stores (Ruthven Street side) and Grand Central (near the new Woollies)

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This main street franchise serves nine dairy-free sorbets, perfect for vegans and anyone with a lactose intolerance. Refreshing and flavour-packed, forget going out for dinner – skip straight to dessert!

Recommendation: choc sorbet, all the way.
Where: Cnr Ruthven and Margaret Streets


Soak up the sunshine with a fresh, healthy-ish breakfast at Urth. As well as the menu itself, there’s a wide selection of gluten-free and vegan sweets, so everyone can enjoy a coffee catch up together.

Recommendation: a sweet treat from the daily cakes cabinet
Where: 195 Hume Street (near Sizzlers)

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ONS TOowoomba

This simple diner serves up homemade pasta, pizzas and risottos, and recently introduced several gluten-free and vegan options to their classic Italian menu. Their well-priced, generous meals are a great way to feed a crowd, and they offer both takeaway and delivery.

Recommendation: vegan pasta!
Where: Northlands Shopping Centre on Hume Street

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The place is designed as a build-your-own-adventure. Choose a base meal – such as nachos or a burrito – and then customise it exactly how you like. All the items have vegan or vegetarian options, and kids eat free on Mondays.

Recommendation: vegan burritos with vegan cheese and sour cream
Where: Walton Stores

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