Have Dinner Come to You: Local Delivery Options

for nights when you really, really CBF


On lazy nights when there’s no food in the fridge, there’s really only one thing to do… order in.

Takeaway is one thing, but we’re talking about full service delivery. Like, make zero effort. Pick up the phone and you’re done. And while we know delivery is probably annoying for restaurants to offer (extra staff, keeping food hot etc), we’re sorry not sorry. Delivery is one of the real luxuries in life, and we’re not ready to give it up just yet.

Here is the list we refer to every time we’re feeling particularly lazy. (We haven’t included Domino’s Pizza etc. – but ah… if you didn’t realise they deliver, they do…) And despite the number of times we mention Uber Eats and HappyToo, we’re not actually sponsored by either of them. Promise!




Sometimes you just need some baba ganoush. We get it. Fortunately, Sofra can deliver it straight to your hot little hands, and you can even pretend to any dinner guests that you whipped it up yourself. But who are we kidding? As if you’d just order the baba. Have you seen Sofra’s menu?!

Delivery Charge: HappyToo’s standard $4.80 fee + $5 delivery (approx.)
Good to Know: opens early on Sunday if you need a lazy brunch option

Phat Burgers

Being able to order a really good burger without going anywhere is living your best life. Plus, Phat Burgers is a huge supporter of local produce; all their beef is grassfed and sourced from the Darling Downs. They deserve our support too, so change your dinner plans.

Delivery Charge: directly from Phat Burgers, it’s $10 within a 5km radius of the CBD (additional $2/km beyond this)
Good to Know: you can also order fish and chips!

El Attar

The extensive Egyptian menu at El Attar is perhaps not the most obvious lazy dinner option, but think about it: shish kebabs. Baklava. Moussaka! Right? We’re converts too.

Delivery Charge: HappyToo’s standard $4.80 fee + $5 delivery (approx.)
Good to Know: available every day from 11am through HappyToo

The Everest Spice

When you crave butter chicken with naan, it’s pretty hard to change your mind. The huge and delicious menu at Everest Spice is sure to hit the spot, with everything from tikka to vindaloo and even a goat masala.

Delivery Charge: $7
Good to Know:
They’re open seven days!

Hello Harry

If you already love the delicious burgers at Hello Harry, you’ll be especially thrilled to know you can order through Uber Eats – along with the other Walton Stores options.

Delivery Charge: Uber Eats’ standard $6.95 fee
Good to Know: their famous milkshakes and loaded fries are also available for delivery!


When you need a satay chicken rice bowl, you need a satay chicken rice bowl. No judgment here. Fortunately Junk has joined the Uber Eats club, and is serving up satay when you need it (now), where you need it (on the couch).

Delivery Charge: Uber Eats’ standard $6.95 fee
Good to Know: available seven days a week


There are other things on the menu, but let’s just stop at the Meat Platter. $23 for two chicken skewers, two lamb skewers, two chicken drumsticks and two chicken spring rolls. Add some jasmine rice and you’re done.

Delivery Charge: Uber Eats’ standard $6.95 fee
Good to Know: open every day, but only do dinner Wednesday to Saturday

Thai Royal

After a decade of serving pad Thai to Toowoombians, we won’t be surprised if you already know Thai Royal delivers. Their large menu includes all your usual favourites, including tom yum, curry puffs and yes, pad Thai.

Delivery Charge: $30 minimum, with delivery between $5-10 (depending where you are)
Good to Know:
open seven days for dinner.

Have we missed your favourite? Let us know and we’ll add them to the list!


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