Classes to Mix Up Your Workout

find your motivation again with these fun classes

Toowoomba Barre Class

it's easy to lose motivation to exercise. we can think of at least a dozen reasons it's too hard...

So we scoured the city for some fun exercise classes that will help you shake off old habits and build new ones. Whether you're flat-lining, cross-training or just starting out, these classes will get you moving again.



pure Barre

Combining ballet and Pilates workouts, an Pure Barre class is an exercise in coordination, cardio fitness and endurance. The multi-level classes at Pure Pilates & Wellness are a challenge for all ages, genders and fitness backgrounds. The total body workouts strengthen, lengthen and stretch to create long, lean muscles.

The only special piece of 'equipment' you'll need is a pair of non-slip socks – oh, and a towel. Trust us on this one.



Grab your friends (or the kids) and get ready for a serious cardio workout.

Kloud9ine offers one hour jumps in a variety of rooms. Think of 70 trampolines connected together with basketball hoops, walls you can run up and optional dodgeball tournaments. Follow a midweek bounce with a group dinner in town, or a coffee on the weekend.

Rhythm Nation Toowoomba Adult Dance Class


The great thing about dance is you'll be having so much fun you'll forget you're even working out.

Rhythm Nation offers a variety of adult dance classes – tap, Latin, contemporary, jazz and hip hop. Each class is 45 minutes on a Tuesday or Friday night, and you can start any time. Classes are for all ages and coordination levels. Rhythm Nation's first classes are always free of charge, so you can try before you buy. No fancy costumes required.



If you're wanting to increase your flexibility (and general state of mind), a Saturday morning class at Chief Machu Picchu will sort you out. Research suggests that your level of flexibility is one of the best indicators of health in advancing years, so if you're struggling to touch your toes, it's time to get serious. The best thing about Chief Machu Picchu's location is its proximity to The Finch for brunch. There, we said it.


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

If you've never looked into martial arts classes in Toowoomba, you might be surprised to see the quantity of classes out there as well as the expertise of our local teachers.

MMA is one of the more prominent martial arts, due to its applicability to real life self-defence situations. Ka-chi's MMA classes combine disciplines from Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). Get fully out of your comfort zone and learn some new techniques.


Remember, everything counts! One class a week has health benefits. Maybe consider adding one of these classes to your regular gym sessions to keep things interesting and make healthy living a part of your standard week.


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