6 Old School Hobbies to Try For Yourself

And where to start with them all

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When did we all stop having hobbies?

Our parents can all knit, scrapbook, bake cakes and casually restore antique furniture. And we can do… Pinterest and wine drinking. So, to fix this dire situation, we’ve rounded up a few hobbies and projects you can start experimenting with this weekend.


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Ferments & Preserves

If you’re a regular consumer of kombucha, why not try making your own? Or go for the less scary water kefir, another fermented drink.

The good thing about both water kefir and kombucha is that they rely on a SCOBY — and you can only get a SCOBY from another person. It’s not just something you can pick up at the shops. So get searching on Facebook Marketplace, or ask around and meet some fellow fermentheads. And once you’ve conquered your choice of drink, you could look at fermenting kimchi, sauerkraut, or making preserves from market-fresh fruit. It’s a bit addictive, so start saving your empty glass jars…

We suggest you stop by the library to pick up some (free!) books to help get you started — this one is a TFG favourite, but this one and this one also look great.

sourdoughs & Baking

Sourdoughs are seeing a resurgence for a reason — they force you to slow down, they are much kinder on your gut than Wonderwhite, and bread baking in the oven is actually the best smell in the entire world.

We stop by The Source Bulk Foods each week to stock up on the essentials — start with the organic baker’s dough for your breads and pastas, and build from there. And The Book Tree always has some amazing recipes book that you can pick up for some inspiration.

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board games & Cards

Perhaps not a ‘hobby’ per se, but it’s time to give board and card games another go. Borrow your Mum’s old collection that she’s kept in storage for you (‘just in case’), invite some friends around, make a jug of G&Ts, and rekindle your love of passive aggressive competition.

Some of our current favourites:

  1. Canasta (an old school Spanish card game)

  2. Mansions of Madness (like Cluedo meets Dungeons & Dragons)

  3. Scrabble (bonus points if you can find a beautiful old board at Collectables)

  4. Monopoly (because everyone already knows how to play — you don’t have to learn from scratch)

  5. Cards Against Humanity (for laughing so hard it hurts)

If you’re looking for something new, Battlestation hosts regular board game nights where you can try a bunch to see how you like them.


Perhaps you’re not looking to go all Whitelane Textiles on us, but wouldn’t it be handy to make your own cushion covers? Or whip up a curtain for the bathroom window? Learning to sew is one of those forgotten skills that is actually really bloody handy. A basic sewing machine is surprisingly affordable — even better if you inherit one or pick one up on Gumtree.

Sew Handy offers one on one classes, where they will teach you how to use your machine — perhaps you need a bread bag for your sourdough?

general DIY projects

We all have one of those general DIY Pinterest boards, full of projects we’ve never attempted — polymer clay jewellery pieces, macrame wall hangings, scented candles, leather make-up pouches…

Why not pick a project for this weekend, and just make it happen? Sure, you might need to stock up on a bit of kit from Bunnings or Lincraft, but stick to the general things — pliers, glue guns — and you’ll be sure to use them again.


With spring just around the corner, now is the time to start planning some gardening projects. Perhaps it’s creating a raised garden bed for some herbs or training a climber outside your window.

We have some amazing nurseries in town that will be only too happy to provide you with advice.


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