Spotlight | Edwina Farquhar, iCooked

a serial foodie entrepreneur spills the beans

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edwina farquar’s passion for delicious, wholesome food is obvious.

Starting with a Domino’s franchise, moving onto one of the city’s café institutions, and then taking over a second foodie business, she and her husband Dan are keeping Toowoomba’s bellies full. Edwina owns iCooked, where she creates delicious home-cooked, ready-made meals. The delicious meals are available at Mackenzie Row and The Finch, as well as directly online.

We sat down with the entrepreneur to learn about how she got to where she is, and her plans for what’s next.

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Name: Edwina Farquhar
KNOWN FOR: creating The Finch and iCooked
Occupation: entrepreneur and mother of three
Born: Brisbane
Local since: 2011

first things first: what brought you to toowoomba?

My family moved here in 1986, however I feel that I’ve only truly called Toowoomba home since 2011 when my husband Dan and I moved here to take over the Domino’s Westridge franchise. Before that I’ve lived in Armidale, Brisbane, Sydney and London moving around for school and uni, and work in corporate marketing and media buying.

can you tell us a bit about your businesses?

My husband runs The Finch and I run our second business iCooked, which gives our customers the gift of time. We prepare wholesome, nutritious and tasty food that is then delivered around Toowoomba to people’s home or office. We offer our customers a night-off cooking with the comfort that they are still feeding themselves and their family a healthy meal. We freeze our products down to lock in the goodness and add the convenience of simply re-heating and serving. Our meals are suitable for families and people living on their own and we’ve found it’s a great gift for people recovering from an operation, grieving or who have just had a new baby. We’re a big supporter of sourcing locally and try where we can to support local farmers when in season.

What have you learned about running a business in Toowoomba? What are the unique opportunities, benefits and challenges?

Toowoomba is a great town full of people eager to adopt new things. The city is growing and so too are people’s taste in food. We’re seeing all sorts of cuisine becoming mainstays, and we try and tap into these flavours where we can. We’re seeing meals like our Syrian chicken curry becoming equally as popular as our top selling chicken and leek pie.

What does an average day look like for you?

Where I can I love to start the day with a run before getting my three children to school. It’s then into the kitchen followed by a mix of office work, talking to suppliers, marketing, creating menus and wearing many hats!

What does your ideal Toowoomba weekend look like?

Breakie at The Finch, then family time pottering around in the garden at home followed by a nice long lunch with friends.

Only a Toowoomba local would know…

That the best coffee in town is at The Finch :)


PERK UP: hit the Redwood or Jubilee trails with my dog Joey for a run.

RELAX: pottering around in the garden.

EAT: The Finch of course!

INDULGE: a class at Pure Pilates.

SHOP: at any one of my favourites including Magnolia, Cumquat Tree, Harold’s, Florence & Marabel or Audrey.

CATCH UP: with friends over a lovely long lunch.

BE INSPIRED: by my beautiful kids; they’re always surprising and inspiring me.

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